Cat Parents Save $$$

“You get what you pay for.” This old adage is often true…but we have found an exception! No doubt, these times are tough in terms of inflation as well as getting the supplies we all need. It seems that we have to visit 3-4 stores just to get everything we need on our shopping list […]

They’re Always Worth It!!!

Behold! The photo attached to this blog post is an actual pic of two cutie pie Yorkies we were able to prevent being surrendered to a shelter and instead are now in the perfect foster (hopefully permanent) home. I say WE because this was a monumental effort involving just a few very determined animal lovers […]

What To Do If Your Furbaby Goes Missing

This is one of every pet parent’s worst nightmare but just like all other worst case scenarios, knowledge is power and knowing what to do in case your beloved dog or cat goes missing can be the difference between finding them or not. These tips are from a combination of multiple resources. Some of these […]

This One’s For You Dad!

To all the fathers, daddies, daddy-ohs, and pops out there: you never really know which moments will stay imbedded in the heart of your child. It’s amazing how sometimes a memory will resurface and your son/daughter will have an ”aha moment” that brings tears to their eyes (in the best possible way). Today, I recalled […]

Career Paths in the Pet Industry

It’s a different era! And in a great way. Growing up, the career choices that exist today were simply not around. If someone wanted to work with animals that usually meant they would need to be a veterinarian, zoologist or a marine biologist but oh how the world has evolved! Since we first started our […]

Paranoid or Prepared

What do you do to prepare for worst case scenarios on behalf of your beloved pets? At what point is it crossing the line between prepared versus paranoid? I’ve certainly been jazzed over different precautions that I insist on taking but truth be told, I just don’t care. I’d rather have things I don’t need […]

An Advocate Is Born

Today, I’d like to talk about how an incredible animal advocate (my good friend and co-host to our live talk radio show “The Professionals & Animal Lovers Show) was “born” and how one person can in fact affect countless others! “Tommy d” had never been involved in animal advocacy prior to just a few months […]

So What’s the Scoop?

My honest review based on experience with both the Litter Genie and the Litter Champ. For those of you who have cats and who have never tried either of these options, please know that either choice is a good one. They both beat scooping litter into individual bags and they’re both better for the environment. […]

That’s the love of my life “Jovi” in the picture linked to this blog. I had just picked him up from the groomer and he was looking up at me with so much love, I just had to try to capture it. It’s one of my favorite pictures of him, and that’s saying a lot […]

The Incredible Ripple Effect

At the beginning of each year, I like to choose a “word of the year” which helps me keep my personal theme top of mind. Last year, my word was “Next”. The prior year, my word was “Elevate”. I try to select words that keep me motivated and that keep me focused. This year, I […]