Paranoid or Prepared

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What do you do to prepare for worst case scenarios on behalf of your beloved pets? At what point is it crossing the line between prepared versus paranoid?

I’ve certainly been jazzed over different precautions that I insist on taking but truth be told, I just don’t care. I’d rather have things I don’t need than need things I don’t have, especially when it comes to protecting my fur babies (and our bearded dragon).

1st Example: I carry pepper spray on Jovi’s leash when I walk him. I do this in case we encounter a loose dog with a prey drive. It doesn’t mean we think this is going to happen but what would you do if indeed it did happen? Hint: believing you will out run an aggressive dog is often unrealistic. If you don’t know what you would do, I hope you put some serious thought to it because it does happen and it could happen to you. High pitched alarms are another option as well as mini air horns but I chose pepper spray because an alarm would also hurt and frighten my dog.

2nd Example: We have a pet 1st aid kit and I hold a certificate in K-9 CPR as well as pet first aid and I highly recommend taking these courses to acquire these skills. I believe every pet parent should invest in these potentially life saving courses.

3rd Example: We have a plan for fire/evacuation/emergency. This simply includes knowing who is going to handle what (who is grabbing which pet, who is grabbing the carriers, which exit are you using, what if you can’t get to a specific room?) What if you had to evacuate in 5 minutes? Would you have enough food, water and/or meds for your animals?

Bottomline, color me paranoid – I’m good with it! But you will never call me unprepared.

Valerie Heffron