An Advocate Is Born

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Today, I’d like to talk about how an incredible animal advocate (my good friend and co-host to our live talk radio show “The Professionals & Animal Lovers Show) was “born” and how one person can in fact affect countless others!

“Tommy d” had never been involved in animal advocacy prior to just a few months ago. As we brought guests on who are involved in animal welfare reform, he was all ears. He learned about laws that have been passed as well as taxpayer funded programs and he also honed in on proposed legislation. Most importantly, he came to the realization that animal welfare is 100% political and that’s when he really dove in.

Everyone who knows Tommy understands that he is a great person and relationship builder. His network is extensive and that’s due to years (possibly decades) of what we call sweat equity. If you have met him, you would most like say that he went out of his way to get to know you, ask you original fact finding questions, made you laugh and then connected you to another amazing and like minded person.

Fast forward to the proposed NY Anti Puppy Mill Bill. Tommy learned that animal advocates have dedicated themselves to get this law passed for years. He listened to pioneers who are leading this charge and found out exactly what a puppy mill is and how legislation must be passed so that stores can’t profit off of animal cruelty & neglect.

Tommy went to his rolodex of strong relationships at the Queens Chamber of Commerce and knocked it out of the park! This Chamber has an annual event up in Albany where they present proposed laws to elected officials who represent their county and they tell them whether they’re in support of the proposed bill or against it. This in and of itself is amazing but fast forward to this year’s agenda and the Anti Puppy Mill Bill made it onto the agenda!!!

This is the first I have heard of any chamber getting behind an animal cause and I for one am so overwhelmed by this that it’s almost impossible to express my gratitude. As I write this blog at 10:27pm on May 25th, 2022 – we are anxiously awaiting the vote in the NY Assembly. That said, we are more hopeful than ever before that it will be voted on and it will pass with flying colors.

And it is very much indeed thanks to people, individual every day people who find their voice and impress it upon themselves to find ways to make a difference. Tommy is just one person but so are you as well as I and each and every other person who wants to make a difference.

So don’t say to yourself “But what can I do, I’m just one person.” Rather, tell yourself “I’m just one person. Watch what I can do.”

Valerie Heffron