Career Paths in the Pet Industry

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It’s a different era! And in a great way. Growing up, the career choices that exist today were simply not around. If someone wanted to work with animals that usually meant they would need to be a veterinarian, zoologist or a marine biologist but oh how the world has evolved!

Since we first started our show “The Professionals & Animal Lovers Show” we have interviewed so many people who have carved out a niche for themselves in the pet space and we want to encourage those of you out there who would love nothing more to do the same. Here are just a few examples but really, the world is your oyster!

1) Grooming. Believe it or not, you don’t even have to know HOW to groom to own a successful pet grooming company. There are franchises available where you simply own them and the mobile services are doing especially well. The key here is to purchase the mobile vans and most importantly to hire the best qualified & compassionate people. Of course, you can also learn the trade and be an owner operator too.

2) Training. People pay good money to have their dogs properly trained. You want to learn from the best and be sure to seek out positive training methods. Also, be sure to pursue certifications which will help you stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, this is not a highly regulated industry but that translates to opportunity.

3) Pet Sitting. The demand for pet sitting has drastically increased which is in line with the increase of adoptions and pet parents. You can make good money by staying over someone’s home while they’re away and taking excellent care of their pets. You can also offer additional services such as watering of plants, mail services, cleaning, errands, etc…Boarding in your own home is also in demand. Be sure to stand out from your competition by taking a K-9 CPR course and Pet first aid.

4) Pet Photography. Oh how I wish I had thought of this when I was in my 20’s!!! If you love taking pictures/videos and have a knack for capturing great pet moments, you can make great money with your camera. You can also submit your photos into competitions and assemble a book. Who doesn’t love great pics of their fur-babies (and all other babies too!)

5) Pet Friendly B & B! Turn your home into a comfy place where dogs can be dogs and people can enjoy a beautiful home environment plus a scrumptious meal before they head off to enjoy their day. You can also offer pet sitting services if they want to explore without their poochie(s).

6) Retail. What a fun concept to stock your shelves with the latest and best pet products! You can do traditional brick & mortar or you can have an online store. Imagine sifting through pet product catalogs that feature collars, leashes, costumes, shampoos, brushes, treats, food, toys, litter, cat condos and whatever else there is out there plus whatever is yet to come!

7) Author a book. If you have a concept for a book about pets/animals…GO FOR IT!!! You can self publish or work with a publisher. Many books about animals include a valuable lesson about compassion and empathy. The world can certainly use more of both.

8) Product design/manufacturer. This umbrellas everything from apparel to treats, toys to safety items, tools for pet pros (grooming, photography, training, etc…) and anything else that may improve/extend the lives of our beloved pets. Just remember, every single product that’s on a shelf or a household name was once just an idea.

9) Scooping Poop! There is actually good money in this and the need goes beyond backyards. Think commercial opportunities, municipal parks, etc…

There are of course many, many more career paths and we hope you look into them. After all, the more successful animal lovers there are, the better the world will be.Last thought, if you have an interest in a specific career, reach out to someone in the field who is successful. You will find that most pet professionals and animal lovers are kind and generous with their time. They may even have an interest in mentoring. I leave you with my favorite quote “Whatever you want – wants you.”