Cat Parents Save $$$

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“You get what you pay for.” This old adage is often true…but we have found an exception!

No doubt, these times are tough in terms of inflation as well as getting the supplies we all need. It seems that we have to visit 3-4 stores just to get everything we need on our shopping list which used to take us just one trip to one store. So now, we are also using more gas to run the same exact errands. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Alas, here is a sliver of silver lining for all of you cat lovers…PINE PELLETS!!! This is truly a money saver as well as being biodegradable and dare I say it…it smells good too! Recommended by a friend who is an avid kitten/cat rescuer & foster and who has experienced so much frustration with finding food. plus the pains of price hikes, Kellie swore by this litter alternative and well, to be honest, I never question Kellie.

Fast forward to the savings. As of today and a quick Google search, a 40 pound bag of pellets cost between $6.50-$7.50 versus a bag of traditional kitty litter which ranges from $22 to $40 for the same amount! That is a 300% savings conservatively!

Another plus is that it’s tidier too. Our cats tend to splatter traditional litter on the floor when they jump out of the box. The pellets seem to “escape” a lot less. Probably 90% less and that is huge.

And if that’s not enough of a reason to try these pine pellets out – I have one more…even my husband loves them! And he is a tough sell.

Now, if only Kellie had a solution for gas, food and everything else that’s so crazy expensive. Fear not! I shall keep you posted!

Valerie Heffron