The Incredible Ripple Effect

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At the beginning of each year, I like to choose a “word of the year” which helps me keep my personal theme top of mind. Last year, my word was “Next”. The prior year, my word was “Elevate”. I try to select words that keep me motivated and that keep me focused. This year, I decided that the word “Ripple” was going to be my word for the year.

It’s the best word I’ve ever chosen.

Recognizing that what we do, the words we speak, where we shop, what we read and/or watch, what we listen to and who we decide to surround ourselves with has longer term impact is one of the most powerful facts to absorb. When you truly grasp this reality, it is both empowering and awe inspiring.

Example: Our first guests on the Professionals & Animal Lovers Show (Rino DiMaria and Regina Mendoza) introduced us to Tanya and Charlie Diable who are the founders of the amazing not-for-profit Joey’s P.A.W. (which stands for Prosthetics And Wheels). They too were guests on our show and we learned about how they donate these items to animals in need and how in just 4 short years, they helped 1,000+ animals.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago where I happened to meet a woman whose dog Sadie was struggling to walk. Poor girl has a couple of challenges and her hip dysplasia was really causing her to struggle with walking! I told her fur mom all about Joey’s P.A.W. and offered to connect them on an email. Within just a few short minutes, Tanya responded with a simple “I can help this dog.” And help they did…

We were tagged in a Facebook post the day Sadie got her wheels and it literally brought tears of joy to my eyes. She is now walking effortlessly now and she looks so, so, so happy! Sadie’s fur mom Suzanne is over the moon and I am just in awe of how this ripple effect has impacted all of our lives.

I may never change my word again!

Just remember that we all cause our own ripples. What do you want yours to be? Who do you want it to impact and what can you do, right now to effect the future?

If you have a great ripple effect story, we’d love to hear about it! Email

Valerie Heffron