End Puppy Mills

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Too often, we hear of tragic stories of people who believed they were buying a puppy from a reputable breeder only to find out their puppy came from a puppy mill. Consumer fraud is rampant in this industry riddled with lies and deceit.

Unsuspecting consumers will spend thousands on what they believe to be a well bred and pure bred dog only to see their new fur baby become very ill and sometimes it turn fatal. Veterinarians will inform them that they were sold a sick baby and after thousands of dollars in vet bills, they’re left heartbroken and confused.

IVDD, genetic spinal degeneration, inbreeding, heart disease, kidney disease, epilepsy, dysplasias, blood diseases and deafness are just a few examples of the results of bad high volume commercial breeding (aka puppy mills).

So what’s the solution?

Simple: CUT OFF THE DEMAND. Over 400 local ordinances have been passed prohibiting the retail sales of puppies, kittens and rabbits sourced from mills. This legislation has also passed in multiple states including MD, ME, CA, IL and WA.

What you can do: Get on the phone! If you reside in a state that has not passed comparable legislation, call your representatives and voice how important this issue is for you and your household. Ask them to propose this legislation. If this has been proposed, ask them to support it. Let them know this is a voting issue for you. Spread the word by getting your animal loving friends involved. Have them call too. Become vocal on social media and watch how quickly you will develop a team of advocates who will stop at nothing until these heinous practices come to an end.

We must do everything in our power to rid the world of these inhumane and horrific mills. There simply is no other way.

Here at PALS, Our belief is that knowledge is power and our hope is that this knowledge will spread. Together, we can and WE WILL put cruel breeders out of business.

Valerie Heffron