Bone Marrow Broth – A Game Changer

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Our “little old man” Jovi who is our beloved rescue dog is now 11 years old. It really does feel like just yesterday he was just a puppy. Unfortunately, we have witnessed a few signs of his aging which include more nap time, a cataract in one of his eyes and more recently, he was a bit less agile.

Jovi began stopping about halfway up or halfway down the stairs. Granted, we have 17 stairs which sometimes I don’t even want to climb but we knew it was a symptom of him not being comfortable with the full flight. In other words, he is “getting old”. He would start barking when he “got stuck” and we would pick him up to carry him the rest of the way. I would try to make light of this daily occurrence and say to my husband “He’s calling the elevator” …but deep down inside, we were both bothered by his obvious discomfort and slow down.

Then, we had a Certified Pet Nutritionist as guest on this show and she brought up the power and benefits of bone broth. Johnna Deveraux (CPN) discussed her recipe and how easy it is to make (we have some cooking right now!) but most importantly, how it helps a dog’s musculoskeletal system and reduces inflammation. So of course, we had to put it to the test.

Well, here we are about 6 months after Johnna shared this information and I am telling you that our beloved Jovi is a whole new dog again! It’s as if he went back in time and he literally runs up and down the stairs on his own volition and he does this many times a day. We began seeing results within a month and we started telling every dog parent we know.

Food IS medicine and we absolutely attribute his newly rediscovered agility to the bone marrow broth and we are beyond grateful that Jovi is running around like a puppy again!

Here’s the recipe (it’s easy!):

Valerie Heffron